Our Story


We are taking back the meaning of retail to its roots in Old French and the word “retaille”, meaning “a piece cut off”. To us, this means humane sourcing, honest marketing and ethical growth, so that the smaller pieces retain their value, their warmth, their soul vibration of the larger whole.

Hence, we only sell those hand-made, or hand-selected, high-quality products that we absolutely believe in; maintaining the integrity of the designer, maker, the restorer and the buyer alike. We do not want to monopolise the market, or have the largest, or broadest stock, or cause a demand for sky-high (re)production numbers, which then in turn compromise quality, lives and resources.

We do want to create a more sustainable model of shop, where we care dearly about our customers, who in turn buy with hearts and minds. 

For us, the farm gate resonates with going back to the roots, back to the original source, back to where the producer cared deeply about the end product - and made it to the best of his ability, and to last. It speaks to people, communities, families, and anyone who wants to invest in their future, without compromising their enjoyment of the present moment.


Energy positive homewares


Growing up in the '80s, my mother always had her hand in antiques. I remember often being at the local auction house after school to pick up a surprising variety of objects, furniture and pianos. Aside from the wow-factor, I was always interested in the story behind each piece. Its history. The personality and warmth it gives to a space, on a deeper level than just its aesthetic value.

With Burgundy, French castle country, as the location of our current HQ, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundant source of flea markets and brocantes, along with our two small children and menagerie of animals. Relishing in our practices of yoga, Reiki and regenerative outdoor activities, we harness the power of the elements (and a healthy dose of Woo-Woo) to find equilibrium for ourselves, others and the pieces we collect.

We spend the weekends sourcing pieces that we love, renovate and care for, that resound with good times passed. Passing now through our farmhouse HQ, they are lovingly cleaned, restored and occasionally re-tapped, ready to be loved by new guardians around the world.

Naturally, the shop is growing to include patented art prints and beautiful one of a kind, artisanal pieces from the vibrant local community, using methods nearly lost in time. Farm Gate Vintage then takes on a wider meaning; a stamp of quality, genuineness, the best in class from our farm gate.