Our Artist & Artisan Partners

From the French Burgundy countryside, we cast our net across Europe to bring you the best flea market, brocante and estate sale gems, along with beautifully crafted art and artisanal pieces.

Unique, contemporary pieces, made carefully and thoughtfully in age-old traditions nearly lost, we collaborate with our makers to bring you stunning craft and design pieces, which are functional and representative of our time. The antiques of the future.


Pierre-Yves Goudeau

An artisan iron-worker, originally from historic Cluny and now working out of the Forge Vroulonne, in the dramatic and so very green, Charollais region of Burgundy, Pierre-Yves' work harnesses the four elements; earth - the charcoal, which is the fuel for the fire, air, which is used to stoke the fire, water, which cools and drives the fire and the fire itself, which softens the metal.

An '80s child, trained by some of the best blacksmiths in France, he embodies the French saying, "c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron", which translates as, "through blacksmithing, we become a blacksmith". With 10 years experience and the adoption of the rhinoceros as his logo, he demonstrates, like the animal, a quiet commitment, yet formidable strength in his work.

From lighting the forge in the morning, when it emits a strange yellow smoke, to hammering hot metal on the anvil to give it form, Pierre-Yves makes striking and original, forged iron and steel pieces large and small, blow pipes, to gates.


Michel Véla

After having studied carpentry, Michel Véla began his artistic career. Leaving wood behind to pursue other, more modern avenues in Aix en Provence, Michel encountered the medium of metal. 
Often using reclaimed materials, those bearing the marks of time through corrosion and natural perforation and deformation, he brings new meaning and purpose through highly polished surfaces, arc welding, plasma cutting, or simple hammering. Light then intervenes, revealing a reading, a mysterious landscape, a dynamic story through the play of shadows and bright bursts of projected light.

From his workshop in the south of France, Michel works with Farm Gate Vintage to make decorative objects, lighting and furniture, the majority in fabulously sculpted metal.

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Florence Vincent

A local estate sales expert and very much hands-on, Florence is also our chief textiles expert. From stripping back layers of paint build up to reveal an original, solid walnut piece of furniture, the re-upholstery of chairs using traditional methods, to the reinvention of vintage fabrics into curtains and throw pillows, she helps to bring flashes of colour and creativity into a space.


Angharad Pelling

Concerned with the ephemeral and sometimes artificial aspects of popular culture, from societal values on gender identity to issues on climate change, the representational drawings Angharad makes often contain elements of degradation, distortion or contradiction, either formally or conceptually, that relate to observations of life in a western society increasingly dominated by digital realities.

In taking subjects out of their original environment and by surrounding them with the white expanse of the 2D picture plane, away from anything that provides a greater context for meaning, the viewers' sole focus is directed towards what is being presented and consequently any symbolic associations that may arise.  

The relationship between the physical world and the digital is regularly explored, manipulating images in Photoshop, exploring their dimensions and textures through filters to produce drawings that sometimes have glitches or allude to the hyper-real. In the digital image, often our perception of scale can be confused, distorted, colours digitally enhanced and original meaning lost through manipulation and overproduction of the image. 

Her approach to making - through drawing and painting - celebrates the sometimes labour intensive methods of Art and Crafts that are often replaced by the digital, mechanical production methods of today. Can the ephemeral, mass produced image be made tangible through a representational drawing?

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Philippe Clavé

Learning the subject from the loving hands of his father in his artisan sawmill, Philippe developed his own love for natural wood. 57 years later and now well versed in serving the restaurants of starred chefs around France, Philippe's wooden boards hold not only beauty, but also a large dose of personality.

Selected for its grain, age, beauty and non-porous properties, the 30 year old French Elm is then shaped, modeled and sanded by hand in his workshop in Villeneurve-de-Marsan in the south of France. Lightly oiled upon completion to protect, seal and feed the wood, the pieces are by virtue respectful of the natural material.

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